Finding Your Craft


We are a family of artists.

I met my husband in Italy while painting a collaborative mural  – we are both painters/sculptors. My Dad was in the fashion industry his whole career.  My husband’s Dad is an Art Director, his claim to fame being that he designed the ‘Scarface’ poster. His parents were both art teachers/painters. You get the picture.

So, when Asher was born, it was no surprise to anyone that he was artistically gifted. He was drawing at a very early age…really well. We would sit for hours, decorating cardboard boxes with drawings, making cool models out of clay and basically having a fun creative time together.

Then Jasper was born. There was nothing I could do to encourage this kid to draw. If I gave him a pen, it became a light saber, a paint brush and paint became a sword with blood, guts and ‘flesh’ (his favorite word) and clay became bombs and bullets. He is a weapons guy. Which is fine.

But I’m always on the lookout for things that he enjoys in the art world because that’s what I know. It just so happens that he likes to cover objects in paint and lots of it (i.e. covered in guts and flesh). He also really likes straws (i.e. light sabers) and threading things (impaling) and gluing things onto other things…

So, this morning Jasper and I woke up early and I grabbed some pipe cleaners, some scissors and straws and gave them to him to thread.  He threaded for about 30 minutes, trying lots of different colors!!!

The sparkly pipe cleaners look really pretty, shining through the translucent colored straws but he preferred the soft pipe cleaners because they were ‘soft like a teddy bear.’

My sweet weapons boy has been wearing his necklace all day.


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