Love the Ears

toward the end of the Max phase

When Asher was 5, I felted a pair of bunny ears for him that he wore every day for a year. I have such fond memories of him waking up, going to find his ears, putting them on and starting the day. He was Max, the little boy bunny  from Max and Ruby. As you can see, by the end they were pretty worn out.

Fast forward two years and my needle felting skills have improved! Ash and I were out for the day and we came across a book called Zombiekins. It’s a fun chapter book for boys about a zombie bear/bunny that is purchased from a witch’s yard sale. So we started to read and as Ash became more and more uncertain, Jasper was thrilled.

Jasper and I  now have to leave the room to read this book together. Turns out he wants to be Zombiekins for Halloween.

We’re getting there, starting with the ears first.


3 thoughts on “Love the Ears

  1. Oh my goodness you have been very busy with your blog…hmmm so many wonderful little crafts. You are indeed a creative family. My boys are so just the same – I must send you some photos, that aren’t on my blog. It would be nice if your family could visit us. At the moment my boys are using clay to stick under their cars making pipes and wires, they are adding match sticks for exhausts etc. I love your Koala bear – I am so stuck on making something for the boys for halloween. We are reading Mio my son by Astrid Lindgren, it’s also a bit too much for Sania so I read it to Sasha when he’s not around. they do love the Thornton Burgess animals classics and most of their play is revolved around these amazing animals.

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