HaPpInEsS Is pLAyInG WiTh yOur foOd

Last night, after the kids went to bed, I drew Jack-O-Lantern faces on a bunch of clementines and put them in a bowl. I felt a bit silly about standing in the kitchen drawing on fruit, especially when my husband walked in and I had to explain what I was doing.

I couldn’t wait to show the boys in the morning to see what they would do with them.

This is the face Asher pulls when he’s trying real hard not to smile because he is so excitedly happy.

Lining them up and checking the expressions.

Introducing some of their own characters…

Jasper drew Mr. Spaghetti and Asher introduced Grandpa shrunken apple.

Play play play!


Full blown happy


6 thoughts on “HaPpInEsS Is pLAyInG WiTh yOur foOd

  1. I love this Vicky! I didn’t have oranges but you insipred me to make fun faces on the hard boiled eggs I made today. Anderson will be delighted when he sees a happy little face tomorrow in his lunch : ) Thank you!

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