Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination


Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

sunlight shining through the glass block wall in our bathroom. Jasper: This is the most beautiful thing ever.


Baby Brother

A poem I wrote before I had children.

Is this my little baby brother?

I think I’d better ask my Mother.

For I am dark and he is fair,

I have brown curls,

He has straight hair.

My eyes are brown

And his are blue.

I’ve many teeth

And he has two.


Can I be sure this is my brother?

Not a sibling of another?

Did you find him in the street

And take him home for me to meet?

Thinking that I’d share with him

And play with him and care for him

And brush his downy hair for him?

Please return him to his lender

Note attached, ‘Return to sender’

Keep him happy,

Not to mention,

Pay him lots of close attention.

For he will dribble on your chairs,

Pull your hair and chew your stairs.

Cry a lot

And sleep a lot.

Laugh out loud when you are not.

Drop his food and make a puddle

Putting Mummy in a muddle.


But when he’s resting, fast asleep,

I go upstairs to have a peep.

He’s like an angel lying there,

With glowing skin and wispy hair.

My little brother, you can stay.

Just for a while, just one more day.

And if you’re good and smart and clever,

We may just keep you here forever.


New Blue Hair

Everyone remembers

The day Judy dyed her hair.

She wept for forty days,

To see her out would be quite rare.


She put her hair in rollers,

She tried gels and mousses too.

She used clips and bands and hair slides

But her hair still looked quite blue.


But then she stepped outside

Because at last she did not care

And everybody gasped with glee,

“We LOVE your new blue hair!”

Beautiful simple

A moth, of all things, has shown me a beauty that can be found in simplicity. This moth has been living in our bathroom for the past two days and we have all noticed it and commented on its presence.

Something about its color and shape in contrast to the pale eggshell blue backdrop…

The little tear in its wing.

This moth will stay.

In contrast, I have been working on some highly detailed felting and have enjoyed the challenge and the valuable things I have learned from the process. However, I miss the simplicity of design of my previous work. More is not always better.

And I have a wool’s nemesis to thank for the reminder.

Custom Orders

I really enjoy making custom orders for people – usually one time only – because the figuring out is most of the fun! As I was searching through old photos this morning, looking for a certain image, I came across a lot of custom orders that I had forgotten about. So, here are a few of my favorites! Feel free to think up some of your own 😉

I made this 3 times 🙂

This was tough and fun. If I had to make it again it might be painful

This was super fun! The Cheshire cat is now a permanent fixture in my store 🙂

I made this for one of my very favorite British friends. She has a Cotton Candy business called Candy Queens and they all wear wigs.

so. much.fun. I LOVED making Miss Piggy!

This was a challenge! Luckily it was for an adult or that antenna would be gone in a second.


Slash. The first time I made curly hair 🙂

The big nose was fun 🙂

hahaha Jimi

proud of this one.

Cute little kitty as part of a family portrait. Was really happy with the teary eyed look.

Thanks for looking!!!

Yoda Pancakes!

My wonderful friend, Lanette, had a brilliant idea. Blend a bunch of fresh spinach leaves in with your regular pancake recipe, call them ‘Yoda pancakes’ and make your kids grin from ear to ear. The colors are Christmassy too!

Even Grandpa ate one. But the adult version. With full fat yogurt, blackberries and maple syrup .