Baby Brother

A poem I wrote before I had children.

Is this my little baby brother?

I think I’d better ask my Mother.

For I am dark and he is fair,

I have brown curls,

He has straight hair.

My eyes are brown

And his are blue.

I’ve many teeth

And he has two.


Can I be sure this is my brother?

Not a sibling of another?

Did you find him in the street

And take him home for me to meet?

Thinking that I’d share with him

And play with him and care for him

And brush his downy hair for him?

Please return him to his lender

Note attached, ‘Return to sender’

Keep him happy,

Not to mention,

Pay him lots of close attention.

For he will dribble on your chairs,

Pull your hair and chew your stairs.

Cry a lot

And sleep a lot.

Laugh out loud when you are not.

Drop his food and make a puddle

Putting Mummy in a muddle.


But when he’s resting, fast asleep,

I go upstairs to have a peep.

He’s like an angel lying there,

With glowing skin and wispy hair.

My little brother, you can stay.

Just for a while, just one more day.

And if you’re good and smart and clever,

We may just keep you here forever.



Making Tiny Bees

I make these bees a lot. Mostly for a lovely man from Alabama who first requested them about a year ago. He kept ordering them and ordering them and eventually shared with me that he included oneĀ  bee with every gift he gave as a reminder of his daughter who passed away. She loved bees.

Every timeĀ  I make this little fellow it reminds me how lucky I am to have my boys, to hold them and hug them and cherish them a little more.

bee blank felted from core wool

with yellow roving added

orange pencil roving to mark the stripe

fill in the space

add features

add wings cut from sheet felt

switch colors if you like!