Christmas Animation


A Christmas egg set from beginning to end 🙂



Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that motivates a new creation.
Today, I rounded up the boys for a walk to a large grassy area opposite our house. It’s full of Oak, Eucalyptus and Silk Floss trees and green rolling hills. I had in mind that we would collect lots and lots of sticks and twigs and acorns that had been blown down by the strong winds from the day before. When we had gathered enough, I planned on decorating them with paints and pastels.
Armed with a large bag and 2 eager boys, we marched across the street and started to collect many things. Sometimes it’s the preparation that is the most fun part and we had a good time fantasizing about the things we found, walking in the beautiful California sunshine.
While I was there, I found a twig. It was beautiful and golden with some leaves still attached and a little acorn cap clinging on for dear life. Instantly, I pictured a cute little bird inside the acorn cap nest. All day, I couldn’t wait to get around to making it.
So tonight, I finally did. I tied a red ribbon to either end of the twig and that sweet little branch that blew down in the wind now has a new purpose in life.

Bird on a twig