Christmas Animation


A Christmas egg set from beginning to end 🙂


Custom Orders

I really enjoy making custom orders for people – usually one time only – because the figuring out is most of the fun! As I was searching through old photos this morning, looking for a certain image, I came across a lot of custom orders that I had forgotten about. So, here are a few of my favorites! Feel free to think up some of your own 😉

I made this 3 times 🙂

This was tough and fun. If I had to make it again it might be painful

This was super fun! The Cheshire cat is now a permanent fixture in my store 🙂

I made this for one of my very favorite British friends. She has a Cotton Candy business called Candy Queens and they all wear wigs.

so. I LOVED making Miss Piggy!

This was a challenge! Luckily it was for an adult or that antenna would be gone in a second.


Slash. The first time I made curly hair 🙂

The big nose was fun 🙂

hahaha Jimi

proud of this one.

Cute little kitty as part of a family portrait. Was really happy with the teary eyed look.

Thanks for looking!!!

Love the Ears

toward the end of the Max phase

When Asher was 5, I felted a pair of bunny ears for him that he wore every day for a year. I have such fond memories of him waking up, going to find his ears, putting them on and starting the day. He was Max, the little boy bunny  from Max and Ruby. As you can see, by the end they were pretty worn out.

Fast forward two years and my needle felting skills have improved! Ash and I were out for the day and we came across a book called Zombiekins. It’s a fun chapter book for boys about a zombie bear/bunny that is purchased from a witch’s yard sale. So we started to read and as Ash became more and more uncertain, Jasper was thrilled.

Jasper and I  now have to leave the room to read this book together. Turns out he wants to be Zombiekins for Halloween.

We’re getting there, starting with the ears first.

Koala Care

My new neighbor had her baby girl almost 3 months early and I ache for her as I recall the constant longing to hold, nurture and nourish my boys as soon as they were born. Her baby girl has been in an incubator on breathing and feeding support since July. Olive is thankfully due to come home next month and we are all keeping our fingers crossed.

I am a huge fan of baby wearing and wore Jasper so often that my Mother-in-Law called him little marsupial baby. I loved the Moby Wrap and the Ergo, wonderful carriers that were part of my dress code for 2 years.

Actually, Kangaroo Care is a therapy used for preemies.

Preemies don’t have the body regulatory systems of full-term babies.  They lose body heat quickly, making them vulnerable to illness.  But when a baby is carried close to the mother’s chest, her body actually senses the baby’s temperature and the breast temperature rises 2 degrees in a matter of minutes. Amazing!

Also, premature infants cannot regulate their breathing, but when carried chest-to-chest with a parent or caregiver, they match their breathing to their parents’.  When your baby has been contained for 3 months in a plastic incubator, holding her as much as possible  will be a wonderful needed bonding experience.

So, for my neighbor’s baby shower today, I have made a representation of what I hope for her and her little Olive in the very near future.

can also be purchased here in my store 🙂 Koala Mama Jingle Toy

Tools of the Trade and a Messy Work Space

This is my messy work space.

It starts off so very clean and organized and then it kind of erupts into a sea of wool that takes over the entire kitchen, hallway…front room. There are boxes of wool for my boys to trip over wherever they go. They are used to navigating the open spaces now.

It is not uncommon for my family to find bits of wool in their food and I more often than not have little bits clinging to my clothing throughout the day. I found a large clump of roving in Jasper’s hair the other day and a fluff ball in my husband’s stubble.

Above is a fraction of the mayhem.

Then I have a major clean up and we start the cycle over again.

I love my tools. If I weren’t already married to a great guy I would marry them. When someone touches my needles I feel very nervous. I want to protect them from harm. When other people use them they get bent and that makes me sad.

Now I kind of understand how my Dad felt when I wanted to use his prized pattern cutting scissors on paper…

From the top

  • six needle holder (have had this for 3 years and LOVE it)
  • needle nose pliers (good for removing big mistakes)
  • 3 needle pen holder (fantastic)
  • 12 needle holder (gift from hubby that I was afraid to use for over a year)
  • wonderful haberdashery scissors from MIL
  • 40 triangle single
  • 38 star single
  • 36 star single

If you are starting out, I recommend a couple of singles and maybe the 3 needle pen holder. That will keep you going for a while. Pen holder is available from Amazon for about $12

You can buy a wonderful starter kit and extra needles from a lovely little Etsy store here

Oh and just look at *part* of my own wool stash!!!! Yummy!